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NY Times - Global Warming and Climate Change

  • 02.01.23

    Biden Clears the Way for Alaska Oil Project

    The administration issued an analysis that indicates a scaled-back version of the Willow project could go forward. Opponents call the drilling plan a “carbon bomb.”
  • 02.01.23

    Can Fashion Week’s Trash Problem Be Solved?

    Organizers of Copenhagen Fashion Week have created sustainability requirements for participating designers with the goal of setting a new industry standard.
  • 02.01.23

    How the Inflation Reduction Act Can Save You Money: A Consumer's Guide

    Whether you are renovating your home, upgrading appliances or buying an electric car, this guide can help you take advantage of savings from the Inflation Reduction Act.

The Guardian - Keep it in the Ground

  • 02.01.23

    Jordan Peterson’s ‘zombie’ climate contrarianism follows a well-worn path | Temperature Check

    The psychologist has turned his hand to exposing new audiences to old arguments from climate change deniers

    Canadian psychologist and darling of conservatives and the alt-right, Jordan Peterson, has been on an all-out attack on the science of climate change and the risks of global heating.

    Peterson has 6.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and his videos also run as audio podcasts on platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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  • 02.01.23

    States file duelling Colorado River plans as water resources rapidly dwindle

    California files competing proposal on cutting water use of the river as hopes of western states reaching consensus fade

    California filed a competing conservation plan for the Colorado River on Tuesday, just one day after opting out of a proposal put forward by six other western states, signaling a breakdown in negotiations over how to drastically cut water use from the imperiled waterway.

    Officials with the Bureau of Reclamation had called on the states to come to a consensus on how to curb between 2 and 4m acre-feet or roughly enough water to supply 8m households for a full year.

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  • 02.01.23

    Water firms to lose public funds unless they pledge to stop UK sewage spills

    Government accepts Liberal Democrat amendment to UK infrastructure bank bill

    Taxpayer money may no longer be invested in water companies that fail to produce adequate plans to stop sewage discharges, after the government accepted a Liberal Democrat amendment.

    The change to the UK infrastructure bank bill means that once it becomes law, tax receipts will only be able to fund water companies if they produce a costed and timed plan for ending sewage spills into waterways.

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