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  • 06.21.21

    New York City Has Ambitious Climate Goals. The Next Mayor Will Determine Whether the City Follows Through

    When former President Donald Trump announced that the United States would exit the Paris climate agreement in 2017, hundreds of mayors across the country pledged to keep pursuing the goals of the accord. Among them was New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who signed a law in 2019 that committed the city to reducing […]
  • 06.20.21

    Requiem for a Pipeline: Keystone XL Transformed the Environmental Movement and Shifted the Debate over Energy and Climate

    It was meant to be an express line from North America’s largest proven oil reserve to its biggest refining center and to deepen the bond between Canada and the United States as petroleum partners. And it would have stood—or rather, lain—four feet underground, as a 1,700-mile steel monument to humanity’s triumph over the forces that […]
  • 06.19.21

    Warming Trends: A Song for the Planet, Secrets of Hempcrete and Butterfly Snapshots

    SCIENCE Crowd-Sourcing Butterflies Photographed a butterfly lately? If so, you could send your pictures in to contribute to a global database of butterfly sightings. Since launching in January, Friend of the Earth, an environmental advocacy organization, has gathered nearly 1,000 timestamped and geolocated photos of butterflies from five continents. The organization is asking people to […]

NY Times - Global Warming and Climate Change

  • 06.21.21

    How Bad Is the Drought? These Maps Tell the Story.

    The American West is dangerously dry, and the hottest months of summer are still to come.
  • 06.18.21

    Big Oil Takes a Beating, but Its Investors Are Riding High

    While major oil companies have been losing public battles over climate change, energy stocks and oil prices are soaring.
  • 06.18.21

    How Climate Change Has Battered the West Before Summer Even Begins

    Global warming has been fueling disasters in the region for years. Now, an early heat wave and severe drought are threatening lives and leaving water in perilously short supply.

The Guardian - Keep it in the Ground

  • 06.22.21

    Queensland minister says UN warning on Great Barrier Reef status shows Morrison must act

    Queensland environment minister Meaghan Scanlon says ‘the world is watching’ and more needs to be done to protect the reef from climate change

    Queensland’s environment minister says UN officials recommending the Great Barrier Reef be placed on the world heritage “in danger” list shows the Morrison government must do more to deal with the climate crisis.

    Meaghan Scanlon’s comments put the state government at odds with the federal environment minister, Sussan Ley, who has accused the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) of a “complete subversion of normal process”.

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  • 06.22.21

    Cutbacks stopping vital work on river pollution and floods in England

    Exclusive: Environment Agency chair warned minister of ‘real-world impacts’, FOI request reveals

    Vital work on river pollution and flood defences is being stopped or cut back because the Environment Agency has been underfunded for years, freedom of information documents reveal.

    A shortfall in funding of tens of millions of pounds is having real world consequences for our rivers, according to a letter from Emma Howard Boyd, the chair of the EA, to George Eustice, the environment secretary. The letter was obtained by River Action, a campaigning body, under FOI laws.

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  • 06.22.21

    Specieswatch: the transplanting mission to save tree lungwort

    The National Trust is trying to stop the lichen from dying out in England by moving it to younger trees in the Lake District

    If you happen to be walking in the Lake District and see an unusual type of lichen that has been stapled to an oak it will be tree lungwort (Lobaria pulmonaria).

    Transplanting lungwort from old fallen oaks to younger standing trees by stapling, or using glue and mesh to hold them on, is an attempt by the National Trust to prevent the species dying out.

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