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NY Times - Global Warming and Climate Change

  • 06.08.23

    Canadian Wildfires, Smoke and Heat Herald Climate Extremes

    Scientists have long warned that global warming will increase the chance of severe wildfires like those burning across Canada and heat waves like the one smothering Puerto Rico.
  • 06.08.23

    Wildfire Smoke Blankets the Northeastern U.S.

    Wildfire haze is erasing much of the progress made in past decades.
  • 06.08.23

    Orange Skies, Red Alerts and the Future

    The climate crisis has started, but there’s worse to come.

The Guardian - Keep it in the Ground

  • 06.08.23

    Surviving the smoke-pocalypse 101: Californians offer advice to New Yorkers

    Orange smokey skies might be a new phenomenon for those on the east coast, but for the American west, it’s just the average summer

    It was a sight all too familiar to Californians: orange skies and thick smoke blanketing the sky, emitting the eerily out-of-place smell of a campfire.

    But this time the scenes were in New York City, as smoke from more than 400 wildfires darkened the famous skyline and gave the US its worst day of air pollution in recent history.

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  • 06.08.23

    Air pollution in US from wildfire smoke is worst in recent recorded history

    Exclusive: rapid analysis of extreme event by Stanford University shows worst day of exposure to such pollution since 2006

    The US experienced its worst toxic air pollution from wildfire smoke in its recent recorded history on Wednesday, researchers have found, with people in New York exposed to levels of pollution more than five times above the national air quality standard.

    The rapid analysis of the extreme event, shared with the Guardian, found that smoke billowing south from forest fires in Canada caused Americans to suffer the worst day of average exposure to such pollution since a dataset on smoky conditions started in 2006.

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  • 06.08.23

    Activists take Canada’s environment minister to court in fight to save northern spotted owl

    Advocacy group says continued destruction of critical habitat leaves it no choice but to take legal action against Steven Guilbeault

    Environmental groups in Canada are taking legal action against the country’s environment minister, arguing his delay in protecting old growth forest is harming the critically endangered northern spotted owl.

    In February, Steven Guilbeault said he would recommend an emergency order after determining the species was facing “imminent threats” to its survival.

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