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NY Times - Global Warming and Climate Change

  • 10.03.23

    Arizona to End Water Leases to Saudi-Owned Alfalfa Farm

    The farm grows alfalfa for export to Saudi Arabia, where it’s fed to dairy cows. But the farm’s water use had come under scrutiny.
  • 10.03.23

    Where Was Mayor Eric Adams During New York City Flooding?

    With residents unprepared for New York City’s recent flooding, it was a day of unnecessary chaos and frustration.
  • 10.03.23

    Climate Change Is Forcing Families Into a New Kind of Indefinite Hell

    We need to fund measures that both prevent disappearances through emergency preparedness and resolve them.

The Guardian - Keep it in the Ground

  • 10.03.23

    Ursus rotundus: contenders compete in Alaska’s Fat Bear Week

    Public to vote in contest organized by Katmai national park to see which bear looks to have put on most pre-hibernation weight

    Fat Bear Week, the annual competition to see which Alaskan bears can pack on the most pounds before hibernation season, begins this week, with a combination of fan favorites and newcomers vying for the title of the state’s most rotund bear.

    The contest, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, will see 12 bears in the Katmai national park in Alaska face off against each other, in an online vote.

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  • 10.03.23

    Tree-planting schemes threaten tropical biodiversity, ecologists say

    Paper reveals scientists’ concerns that single-species carbon plantations threaten native flora and fauna, while delivering negligible benefits

    Monoculture tree-planting schemes are threatening tropical biodiversity while only offering modest climate benefit, ecologists have said, warning that ecosystems like the Amazon and Congo basin are being reduced to their carbon value.

    Amid a boom in the planting of single-species plantations to capture carbon, scientists have urged governments to prioritise the conservation and restoration of native forests over commercial monocultures, and cautioned that planting swathes of non-native trees in tropical regions threatens important flora and fauna for a negligible climate impact.

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  • 10.03.23

    Green economy workers: how will the UK’s net zero U-turns affect you?

    We want to hear from people working across the UK’s green economy sectors about how they will be impacted by the prime minister’s net zero U-turns

    Prime minister Rishi Sunak has in recent weeks watered down key targets in the UK’s drive to becoming net zero carbon in response to the climate crisis.

    Sunak attracted condemnation from environmental experts in September for pushing back the deadlines for selling new petrol and diesel cars and the phasing out of gas boilers.

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