CAMP believes there is a need for more digital storytelling initiatives that emphasize the human side of climate change and the impact of fossil fuels on communities and ecosystems around the world. These are some of the inspiring, ongoing projects that bring the human side of climate change to life.

Conversations with the Earth

Conversations with the earthConversations with the Earth is a powerful project that represents indigenous voices on climate change through digital stories and worldwide multi-media exhibitions. The project developed as a way of listening closely to traditional custodians of the world’s biocultural diversity and sharing their unique stories via world class multi-media exhibitions, video screening festivals and educational mobile exhibits, in order to raise global awareness and inform global and local responses to multiple environmental challenges.

Climate Journey

climate journeyA powerful example of digital storytelling, Climate Journey was a traveling storytelling project built around a journey to Paris for COP21. Morgan Curtis and Garrett Blad spent 5 months on bicycles and ferries traveling through New England, Atlantic Canada, Iceland, Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland & the UK, writing, photographing, and collaging, to tell stories of individuals and communities mobilizing for a just transition to a climate-stable future. The powerful stories they told are still available on their website.

Digital Storytelling Resources

The Center for Story-Based Strategy

CSS logoThe Center for Story-based Strategy (CSS) is a national movement-building organization dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change. Through trainings and strategic support, they help social justice networks, alliances and organizations change the story on issues that matter most.

Climate Access Storytelling Resources

climate access logoClimate Access is a network for those engaging the public in the transformation to low-carbon, resilient communities. They list a collection of resources to help you integrate the power of storytelling into your campaigns and programs.

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